Can't Smell!!!

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Oh boy! Nothing like being excited to finally get to do something and BAM! you are sick as a dog and can not smell a darn thing! Well not so good when you have and amazing box of goodies from Bramble Berry! As soon as I got my box I opened them all and wrote down a first impression of each! #1 Gardenia - floral-sweet undertone smells like Gardenias from my grandmothers yard. #2 Gardenia- Sweet Floral #3 Gardenia- floral-little bitter note #4 Mystery- Fresh , Floral,green grass (maybe lettuce note) #5 mystery-warm , sugary ,carmel note #6 Mystery-this scent seems familiar to me!!! very clean scent..hmmm #7 Mystery Crisp, citrus, maybe grapefruit! #8 Mystery notes of Eucalyptus, herbal #9 Mystery clean, crisp, cucumber #10 Mystery floral , blended with notes of rose? Well that was first Impressions , I will have Melt and Pour Project Tomorrow and will post the finnished Project!

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  • Anne-Marie on

    I hope you feel 100% soon – I totally know what you mean about getting sick. I’m scheduled to do an interview this Wednesday (on camera!) and totalllllllllly am sick and there is no way I’ll be able to go on camera. It’s a Murphy’s Law kind of thing. =) But, welcome to the land of the living and sniffing – and I can’t wait to hear what you think when you get a chance to test the fragrances.

  • Amy Warden on

    Well, doesn’t that just stink? LOL! Looking forward to seeing your finished products with these beauties!

  • lotionbarcafe on

    Thanks AM I am feeling better! hope your interview went well!!

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