Bramble Berry makes my job sooo much FUN!!


Ok! So I want to be part of this S.O.A.P  panel on Bramble Berry Mrs Anne Marie! Please and Thank You!
I am like a kid in a candy store when the door bell rings and its my UPS man.  He has a box in his hand with Bramble Berry stamped on it! Whatever I was doing before that , who knows. But right now I am consumed by the box! I have been ordering there for years and never had a complaint! and the best part......wait for it....wait for sample in every box!!!  oh yes !  Sure I have lots of essential oils and scents but a girl can never have too many!
What do I do with the samples?  I try in a bath fizzy and if my customers like I move up to lotion bars and soap and if it's a big hit! candles and whipped shea butter too!
Its nice to smell some that you have been eyeballing but not quiet sure! Also I like to do a color test on a scent to see if there is a lot of discoloration.
Last week I recieved my Bramble Berry Box and my new mold was in it. My friend came over and it was her birthday and I thought it would be nice to have her make some loofah soaps for her birthday.
So here is our  SO-Loofah Soaps Anne Marie with your new molds :)
12 square bar moldsWe started off with the 12 bar mold and placed a loofah in each oneThen we melted 12 oz  (MP) soap in a Pyrex in the microwave for 45 seconds at a time until melted. We added Bramble Berrys Sun ripened raspberry and mixed well  pour 3/4 ways up 3/4 full Then we melted goats milk (MP) and added Bramble Berry Cream cheese Frosting to it (smells like cake )YUMMO!!mixed really well and let cool a little  while the other layer is hardening. When the bottom layer is firm , we sprayed the bottom layer with alcohol and poured the cream cheese layer on . goats milk layer!
Let set several hours then turn over and push out !
Who Needs real birthday cake when you can make a calorie free raspberry cream cheese SO-Loofah Soap!!
Thank you to Bramble Berry , They make my job so much fun and keep me motivated to try more things all the time (even at 3 am)

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