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A Summer of New Scents~ and a few other Goodies!

bramble berry lotion bar cafe s.o.a.p panel scents soap Soapy Time

Dont worry, I am not letting go of your favorites just adding a few new ones! Like the Pure "Sud"uction is a new fan favorite in soap. I will be making it in lotion , fizzies and lotion bars. After the S.o.a.p Panel testing for  and falling in LOVE with some of them ! I have place my order and I am patiently waiting for it to come in .........The hardest part! I will have Cherry Blossom smells so clean and fresh. Also Plumeria will be added. On the baby line I will have Baby Kisses(lavender and Chamomile)  to be added along side Baby Cheeks! In Lip Balm I will have 2 new fun flavors (dill pickle and popcorn) weird? My husband laughs at me at the movies I eat a spicy pickle and eat some of his popcorn..he he .

I also had some amazing help with the new look of my website and soapy blog (all in one) and love it ! Thanks Steph and Jake Orange. Niki Crawford did my beautiful artwork (as always blows me away!) and now have stationary made for all my soapy fans orders!! Last but not least Kitten Britches (aka Kirin Kinder) is making my little soap bar dolls for the little kiddos at market! And I have created some fabric for the soapy guys!Soap Bar Fabric!

This is going to be a great year and I am excited to be doing what I love . Thank You for following my soapy journey :)


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